I have had people ask me if I have looked at going to meetings…and I would engage in that – absolutely – if it was a viable option.  I live a VERY rural lifestyle.  Own a little resort in the middle of nowhere, with a restaurant, store, liquor store and gas station and serve a large VERY rural community.  You can land a float plane in my backyard…basically my backyard is my resort on a lake.  So to go to a meeting here would take me about 3 hours one way.  I have looked at online options and have been well received by those who conduct them.  I just have this crazy lifestyle.  You’d think I’d be all laid back and everything right?  I mean living in a really rural place should bring along with it some relaxation…well…it doesn’t.  Being the only supplier of goods and services means everyone wants or needs something all the time…and the paperwork and maintenance it takes to keep up with that does not allow for a relaxed lifestyle…in fact, it makes it a crazy, busy one.

So…that’s why I thought I would try this blogging thing.  So far, everyone has been welcoming and supportive and awesome.  And that’s great…so I have a goal for tomorrow…or whenever I next write.  And that is…to be totally positive about everything I write.

Thanks to everyone.  Just for being there.