This is what you are going to do because I need you to do it.

Every day, every 2 hours or so, you are going to go into my office and make sure that I don’t have a bottle or drink of wine in there.  You are going to look on the shelves and in the drawers and behind the bar in the house…because that is where I put them.  You will also check in the fridge.  If there is anything there, you are going to remove it.  You are going to do this privately and with discretion, because I am asking you…no…telling you that I need your help in overcoming this. You are going to do this with care and affection because hopefully you would like me to live a little longer.  I have talked to you so many times about this, but maybe you just don’t want to admit that your wife is fallible…as are you.  I have been crying out for help for a long time, but everyone seems to think that I can just fix it or deal with it…well, I’m not and I need help with it.  I need to be accountable and you are going to help me be just that.   I would rather take a few days and get my shit together, but because of the time of year and this business that we are responsible for, I can’t.  So you are going to help me with this.  I can’t make you not be an asshole, but you will help me with this.  I can’t make you not yell and scream and be angry at the most inconsequential things, but you will help me with this. Because if you don’t, I’m going to leave you.  I’m going to walk away from here with nothing and not look back. I will not allow this business or the effects from it or this marriage, to kill me, so you are going to help me.

This is not negotiable.  This is a make or break deal.